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Dept 360 commerce

Technology is vital for driving creativity and innovation in how we tell a brand’s story and form meaningful connections with customers. We use technology to create specialised e-commerce solutions around our clients’ integration requirements. Using our competencies, we can help you create an innovative and sustainable platform.

Our resolutions

Everyone wants to boost sales, optimise their e-commerce platforms and create meaningful customer journeys. And that is exactly why we are here. We offer multiple solutions to clients that can be applied and personalised to specific brand or company requirements. We work across a range of software programs to develop the best solutions. These include Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Spryker, Shopware, E-Commerce Suite, Emarsys and Styla.

Our Dept process

Through the clever use of technology, you can vastly improve your e-commerce platform and customer journey, answering the growing demand from consumers for more personalised experiences. Our 360° approach allows us to develop online shopping experiences that harmonise all the technologies involved. Think user-friendly navigations, improved checkout procedures or building a recommendation engine.

But we go the extra mile. We support our clients with ongoing technical maintenance, store management, design production, and marketing management. At every stage, we work closely with designers, developers and analysts to produce the optimum solutions for clients.

Through the strategic use of technology, Dept creates user-friendly e-commerce sites. From tracking the availability of products to applying perfect e-mail marketing, we provide top quality solutions that are flexible, quick to implement, highly scalable and designed to inspire businesses and their customers.

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