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Search Ads 360


Search Ads 360 is the Google solution for (automated) campaign management, inventory management, bid management and reporting of all your search campaigns in one place, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing) and Yahoo. For using the Search Ads 360 technology you pay a small percentage over your monthly media spend.

With Search Ads 360 it is possible to set up a significant part of your campaign management more efficiently. The campaign set-up, adjustments, and optimisations across all search engines can be managed centrally. Automatic rules that you can set yourself ensure efficiency by automating repetitive work and adjustments are processed directly via the API.

In the area of bid management, the options are considerably more advanced than in Google Ads. By using Floodlight tags it’s possible to use advanced bidding strategies across multiple accounts and/or different search engines. Conversion targets can be set-up fully customized to your business. Speed up your time-to-market with inventory aware campaigns that automatically create keyword campaigns directly from your shopping feed. Ads, keywords and ad groups can be created dynamically and integrated in your current bid management strategies.

Search Ads 360 has native integration with Google Analytics 360 and Display and Video 360. The raw campaign data can be exported with BigQuery for in-depth analysis and data-driven solutions. In addition, there is native integration with Adobe Analytics, if you use the Adobe stack.

And it also gives you access to one of our favourite solutions – integrating your business data. Campaigns and keywords can have an infinite amount of business columns. By importing customized data feeds it’s possible to integrate your business data – such as offline transactions – to help simplify your reporting, campaign management, and ROI calculations.



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