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Campaign Manager 360


Campaign Manager 360 is an ad management and measurement system for advertisers and agencies. It offers a centralized tool for managing your digital campaigns across websites and mobile. For campaign manager, you pay a waived ad serving fee, related to the buy of video and/or display formats.

Campaign Manager 360 includes a set of features for:

  • Ad trafficking: Upload your creatives, set targeting criteria, and run ad campaigns.
  • Reporting: Measure performance goals for your campaigns and ad placements.
  • Verification: Check that your ads are serving correctly and delivering quality results.

Campaign Manager is Google’s solution for ad serving beautiful, if wanted, data-driven creatives and for data centralization. Perhaps the best feature of Campaign manager in combination with Studio is its extensive creative possibilities such as High Impact formats, Rich Media creatives, Native, Programmatic Video and Audio, Dynamic Creative Optimisation, and sequential messaging.

And you can manage your campaign planning, trafficking, targeting, serving, optimization and reporting over here. Formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, it enables marketers to manage and report on campaigns across the entire Google Marketing Platform and other marketing channels. Within Campaign Manager we use floodlight tags to track all the useful data points of your audience. Via Campaign Manager 360 you get the most out of your creatives, reporting, attribution and your audiences.


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