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SteelSeries has fueled the gaming industry by creating innovative new products, designed specifically for eSports and passionate gamers everywhere. However, SteelSeries had reached a point where further, substantial market share growth could no longer be achieved by simply investing more media budget into the lower funnel marketing activities. Together we’ve evolved SteelSeries’ media strategy to embrace the full customer journey, acknowledging the consumer path is a journey and the first step isn’t a purchase.

implementing a full-funnel messaging and buying strategy to raise their brand awareness

The Approach

Building a structured KPI approach

Ads that tell the brand story

Maximising the impact of every dollar spent


Increase in traffic to website


Increase in revenue year over year


Increase in ROAS

However, this is just the first step in implementing a full-fledged marketing strategy which will now be implemented widely across the full marketing strategy, including YouTube as well as other channels, now that SteelSeries have tested and proven a solid foundation for its long-term growth plans.


Marjan Straathof

Global Head of Marketing

Marjan Straathof

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