Hi Webby Awards judges, this is the case for Douglas

Douglas’ campaign “Let’s Do Beautiful” shows more than just beautiful pictures; it is a  commitment to the beauty of diversity and calls for “beautiful actions with integrity”. It is the catalyst for radical change: moving from a purely external definition of beauty to a holistic understanding, and actions based on values. But how can such an emotional campaign be adequately translated into digital and made accessible and tangible?

Beauty is so multifaceted

The “Let’s Do beautiful” campaign was created as part of the new overall orientation of Douglas’ brand communication according to the motto: “We are just as beautiful as our actions”.

The aim of the collaboration between DEPT® and Douglas was to give the emotional and inspiring content of the campaign a digital space, and make it tangible. The digital campaign needed to show how multifaceted the topic of beauty is.

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The walk of beauty

DEPT® created a 3D experience with a virtual exhibition called “Walk of Beauty”. It forms the heart of the digital campaign, presents the visuals, and offers background information. 

The exhibition is divided into several focus areas with individual messages and moods supported by large 3D sculptures and special effects. The spatial dimensions are intended to be reminiscent of large international art galleries. The exhibition is designed in a way that the room drifts into the surreal, reflecting the holistic notions of beauty in an immersive experience. 

With the help of state-of-the-art technologies (WebGL and Three.js), a tangible virtual world has been created through which users can navigate and explore the exhibition themselves. 

Susanne Cornelius, CMO Douglas Group: “‘Let’s do beautiful’ is an emotional and important appeal to look at beauty more comprehensively. With the virtual exhibition, we want to inspire our customers to discover our brand values and mindset in a whole new way.”

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True beauty in record time

The project was realised in record time of only four weeks, rolled out internationally and is available in 5 languages. Agile processes and close, trusting communication between DEPT® and Douglas experts ensured effective decision-making and tight deadlines. DEPT® supported Douglas at every step of the creation process of an immersive virtual experience: from Ideation and rough concept to UI/3D design, frontend development and IT setup.


With the use of state-of-the-art technologies, Douglas has once again positioned itself as a digital pioneer and underlines its own growth strategy #forwardbeauty.digitalfirst.

Tina Müller, CEO Douglas Group: “With ‘Digital First’ as our basic approach, we are pursuing the goal of continually offering our customers new and innovative experiences and thus expanding Douglas to become the largest beauty and lifestyle marketplace in the online sector. In doing so, we can rely on DEPT® as a partner and source of inspiration.”

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One for the way…

The new virtual experience on douglas.de is the best example that innovative technologies like VR are not just empty buzzwords, but can be used as a meaningful extension of the brand strategy.


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