Hi Lovie Awards judges 👋 this is the case for Just Eat Takeaway Global Brand Campaign

The brief

Develop a global campaign that extends the “feeling of Joy” and the “doorbell moment” into the digital world. 

Using Katy Perry as a global talent to launch the campaign and sustain it by landing the brand line Did Somebody Say Just Eat Takeaway across all markets. 

Our approach

The WHAT: Delivering joy

Joy is a feeling, not an identity. 
Music videos are awesome but there are plenty of other ways to evoke that doorbell feeling.

The HOW: A global solution to local challenges

27 markets, each with their own challenges.
We needed a flexible mechanic that can be tailored to local market priorities. It needed to be easily translatable too.

The WHO: For everyone

If you eat then you could be a Just Eat Takeaway customer.
The super broad, awareness focussed media plan meant we needed universally relevant creative that appealed to everyone. 

So we split the campaign into two phases

  • Launching with our global talent Katy Perry
  • Landing Did Somebody Say Just Eat Takeaway


Our idea: Katy is dropping a new track, so what would that look like on social?


To kick start the campaign we launched a global teaser to release 
Katy Perry to the world on social.

Social first

As part of the TVC, on set in LA, we captured x10 social-first edits of Katy’s fantastical
food world bringing Just Eat Takeaways audiences closer to the action.


As part of the campaign we managed the UK’s & Ireland’s community
management across four channels during the first week of launch.


When Did Somebody Say Just Eat Takeaway was launched in select markets there were two key elements to the TV ad – the line and the song. One year later, JET went big on the song with Snoop Dogg and the rest is history. 

We felt it was time to go big on the line. 

Because when that tummy starts rumbling and you want something tasty, there is only one answer:

“Did somebody say Just Eat Takeaway


Making DSSJE the answer through relatable scenarios


Making DSSJE the answer with delicious (bordering on seductive) food. 



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