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An auction company wants to take their auctions online to a nationwide scale–customers choose the auction to participate in, wait until the auction begins, then bid as if they were there in the room, with the auctioneer. Users: scale up to hundreds of participants (per auction), potentially up to thousands of participants, and as many simultaneous auctions as possible.


  • auctions must be categorised and ‘discoverable’
  • auctions must be as real-time as possible
  • auctions must be mixed live and online
  • video stream of the action after the fact
  • handle money exchange
  • participants must be tracked via a reputation index

Additional context

  • auction company expanding aggressively by merging with smaller competitors
  • if nationwide auction is a success, replicate the model overseas
  • budget is not constrained–this is a strategic direction
  • company just exited a lawsuit where they settled a suit alleging fraud

Expectation from Dept

Component Diagram:
From which components does the final solution exist, how do they communicate with each other?

Infra architecture:
Describe the solution. What will we use and which infra architecture fits in with this?

Cost impact analysis:
What is a possible costs impact? What could be a good MVP to start with?
Also take into account the following characteristics and explain how this is taken into account. Feasibility, scalability, elasticity, reliability.

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