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From our Depsters October 02, 2018

Ten Crazy Questions: Sinead Clandillon

Sinead Ten Crazy Questions Dept

Curious about the people who work at Dept and make all the amazing work you see of us? We thought so. In this new blog format we’re introducing our employees one by one by not asking the regular questions, but different ones. Want to know who once put 250 of our business contacts in cc instead of bcc in an email, who desperately wants to see the Clueless trend make a comeback in fashion and who really feels a bond with peanut butter? You’re about to find out.

Hi Sinead! How did you end up at Dept and what do you do here all day?

I started out as a client of Webfactory. At the time I was the digital manager for the Irish dance show, Riverdance. Webfactory designed and built two amazing websites for us and I quickly set my sights on working with them. That happened in 2008, when I began at Webfactory as an Account Manager. I kept selling content work to clients, until I began doing that full time as a Content Strategist. I’m now Head of Content at Dept Ireland.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

A sausage dog, because they are the best!

What are some small things that make your day better?

Someone making sure I am well fed, otherwise I get hangry, so it’s in their best interests. A big smile works wonders too.

Which food do you feel most related to?

All food, but particularly chocolate and cake.

What is always in your bag?

Sunglasses, make-up, plasters, wipes, half eaten packets of raisins, pens, old receipts, crumbs.

Which word do you always miss-spell?

I still have difficulties typing ‘shoe’ as ‘show’ on which I blame nine years working for Riverdance The Show.

What was your biggest fashion mistake?

Green dungarees with a yellow spotty blouse when I was about 12. I looked like a clown.

Would you rather choose a relax vacation or an active vacation?

Active, at least active for the kids, so I can relax!

How prepared are you for a zombie apocalypse?

Not remotely prepared, as with all things in life I’d have to rely on my charm to try and make friends with the zombies so I could survive.

What is the best dessert and why?

Any dessert my mother has made, eaten with a big spoon directly from the bowl or tin it was made in, preferably while talking to my family over Sunday dinner.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? No holding back!

So many moments to choose from! From asking our Manager Director, Simon Walsh how the flies get up to the top floor of the building (“they fly Sinead”), to stepping into a wastepaper basket while meeting with someone, and falling off my own seat while trying to plug my headphones in. I generate plenty of red faced moments all on my own.

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