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From our Depsters October 24, 2018

Ten Crazy Questions: Kyle Cassidy


Curious about the people who work at Dept and make all the amazing work you see of us? We thought so. In this new blog format we’re introducing our employees one by one by not asking the regular questions, but different ones. Want to know who once put 250 of our business contacts in cc instead of bcc in an email, who desperately wants to see the Clueless trend make a comeback in fashion and who really feels a bond with peanut butter? You’re about to find out.

Hi Kyle! Let’s say you didn’t work here, what would be your daily activity?

I can’t stay still so I’d probably live each day trying to complete a list of lifelong challenges.

Your favourite tv-show? And why?

Oh wow, this changes depending on the latest show releases, at the moment it has to be Westworld, in the past it’s been Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

What’s your favourite ’90s jam?

Live Forever – Oasis

What are some small things that make your day better?

A morning cuppa tea, jokes and riddles – I like to make people laugh whenever I can.

If you had to start a completely different job tomorrow, what would it be?

Stand up comedian… but I think I’m better at this job 😉

What is always in your bag (phone, wallet and keys excluded)?

Pen, notepad, headphones

Forever without a phone or forever without a laptop?

Phone for sure. Two reasons why:
1. A laptop allows me to work on the move and if I have an internet connection and headphones my laptop can easily become a phone.
2. I’m getting tired of the over use of app notifications at the moment, it’s bringing unnecessary clutter to my life

What are your last 5 searches on Google (don’t cheat)?

1. World Cup Results 2018
2. How is Tequila Made?
3. Formula E
4. Back to the Future 4 Teaser Trailer
5. Secret Cinema

What is your favourite joke?

Had a bottle of water the other day and I could barely lift it, it was an Evian

Do you have a secret recipe for something? If yes, tell it.

The secret to a nice rum cocktail is: one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak.

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