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From our Depsters January 24, 2019

Founding father of Digital Marketing Strategy

Mustafa Himdi was asked to join team Marketing Automation UK (MAUK) after one year. The reason behind that question was his enormous talent for digital marketing strategy. London was calling, not only work-wise. With Dept as his ‘playground’, he was willing to show us all the attributes needed to tackle digital marketing challenges for clients.


He started his career working on campaigns for youngsters while co-operating with creatives. After a few years, he decided to leave the project-based work life behind and look for something more stable. Mustafa’s next career step involved working for an international media agency which worked with diverse labels. A step that helped him develop his campaign skills even further while working as a Communications Planner (radio, tv, ooh and digital).

Given his curiosity for business challenges and insights, he intentionally stayed on the customer side of the job. Motivated to find the answer to the question “What is Digital Marketing about?” he made his next career switch.

They hired me to work beyond the different labels.

Founding father of Digital Marketing Strategy

Before Dept became the overarched brand that it is today, it originally consisted of several individual agencies. Mustafa started working for the Digital Marketing vertical in the Netherlands. ‘They hired me to work beyond the different labels.’

Mustafa was Dept’s first Digital Marketing strategist; he made the rules for this new marketing service. Digitalisation did, however, establish a possible need for customers to expand the possibilities and opportunities of this new way of marketing. He was responsible for several disciplines (both online and offline) in the past, something Dept fancied.

London calling

After carefully considering his move to Rotterdam, the ‘Amsterdammer’ was then asked whether he would like to go work in London.  After spending a year in his newfound favourite Dutch city, this was not a question that he saw coming. One would not say that it was out of the blue; because not only did Dept love his work, but clients were also very attached to him. He described the opportunity as one ‘he could not possibly reject.’

According to Mustafa; London had it all. Moving to London was not only a strategic choice work-wise, but also socially as some of his friends had already made that same move. To be more precise, he was the fifth of his friends to move to London. ‘I have this group of friends, together there’s nine of us from our adolescence years in Amsterdam. Four of them have already moved to London which makes me the fifth one to do so as well.’

As a Digital Strategist for Dept in London, his responsibilities are varied. Both he himself and his LinkedIn page suggest to us that he is also involved in a multitude of activities ranging from content and branding to automation, tech, and performance. Moreover, he and the Managing Director over there are especially focus with putting Dept London on the map.

You have to be an added value, that is important.

Exciting projects

Mustafa describes his projects as ‘exciting’. ‘For many, the aim is to transform a traditional company into a digital one – trying to make the inner-company processes more efficient when it comes to the time and the use of staff.’ There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration when working with clients. ‘You must be of and provide added value, that is important. You have to address the hot spots. However, when addressing them, you need to suggest a solution. That is what you get paid for.’

Dept wants you to take ownership

When asked about Dept, he explains that the agency is a playground in the most positive of senses. The only thing that you have to do is use the attributes in the right way. The agency gives you the freedom to do so, however, not everyone is able to handle that freedom. The tools and opportunities are there, you just need to ask. Keep in mind that you have to give and take responsibility. Tell people what you plan on doing and what you need in order to succeed. They will be more than willing to help.’

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