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From our Depsters July 10, 2018

Connected TV 'Device Type' available in DoubleClick Bid Manager


We are at the beginning of a revolution in the field of Programmatic Buying. Until now it was only possible to purchase videos programmatic on desktop, tablet, mobile, game console or OOH billboard. As of today, DoubleClick has also added the device type Connected TV to the targeting options!

Earlier this year, it was already possible to purchase connected TV inventory via the exchange on the basis of a deal ID. Unfortunately, the large volumes remained out. According to Google, this stiff delivery was due to the fact that DBM filters “not qualitative” requests. The requests from the connected TV environment were not yet rich enough in terms of signals and features, so that they were often labeled as not qualitative.

Smart TV apps such as KIJK (Talpa) and Foxsports (Branddeli) have already prepared themselves for the emergence of programmatic connected TV. They offer their TV inventory in the form of deal IDs. The only thing that still had to be done to get programmatic connected TV off the ground was the device type within the targeting options of DBM. Today is the day that Google has implemented this update in the DSP.

According to Google, there is currently no possibility to purchase video programmatic via the open exchange. In order to purchase connected TV via DoubleClick, deals will have to be closed with broadcasters and other publishers.

Added value

The added value of programmatic purchasing compared to traditional procurement of TV campaigns is mainly in the measurability. In addition to the number of impressions, clicks and viewing ratios can also be measured. In addition, due to the arrival of programmatic connected TV, more opportunities will be available for small advertisers. With less budget, visibility on television can still be realised.

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