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From our Depsters December 18, 2019

Advertising opportunities for early birds in 2020


At the end of each year, the pressure on all of us rises. December brings commercial opportunities for most of our clients, and at home, the Holiday todo-list keeps growing. At the same time, our battery energy levels are decreasing, and a little break is welcome. Packed with new years’ resolutions and fresh ambitions, we step into January: a month of starting up new projects and plans. And with a new year, new opportunities arise for those who know how to seize them. So, rise and shine, be that early bird and kickstart 2020. After all, a good start is half the battle.

Be smart

Since many advertisers in January are still ‘waking up’ from their holiday break, the competition in the advertising auction is limited. This allows the early birds for more efficient (lower cost) spend of media budget. At the same time, our target audiences are re-energized and are therefore more open to engaging with relevant ads. This allows for advertising against lower costs and delivering higher performance compared to the rest of the year.

Be relevant

Even though no significant events like Christmas or Black Friday take place in January, the month does come with relevant market ‘moments’ for various brands. New years’ resolutions for starter; they bring lots of opportunity for all health and sports-related suppliers. But also, less apparent opportunities arise in January. More than ever in the year, in January, people are building the fundament for becoming the best version of themselves. Searches peak for new jobs, education/self development, horoscope predictions, and planning the next vacation to keep balance right. Think about how your product or service fits into this and make sure to seize the opportunity.

Kickstart your 2020 growth

At last, isn’t the best way to kick off your 2020 strategy ‘on a high’? Start the year with efficient spend to an interested audience. Thanks to the extra generated reach your audience lists gets filled up to kickstart your full-funnel strategy for the rest of the year. Lastly, the data generated in the campaigns can be used for analysis to create actionable insights that help you (over)perform through the rest of the year.

What are you waiting for? Be that early bird and kickstart your 2020 growth!

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