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July 12, 2018

What B2B can learn from Commerce

Dept Agency

Mobile commerce, speed, personalization and omni-commerce: the B2B industry is doing everything it can to keep up with rapid developments and high customer expectations in e-commerce. But in the jumble of sales channels and underlying processes, you can lose track. In the end, how do you ensure that in the often complex world of B2B you can keep your head above water with this speed and innovation?

During this Talk, the forerunners of B2B commerce will provide you with tons of inspiration. The founders of Spryker, the newest tech platform and headless CMS, talk about their experiences. And Maarten Stramrood, Brenntag’s Chief Digital Officer, discusses the way in which he successfully translated the startup mentality within market leader Brenntag.


Bart Manuel Co-Founder, Dept

Bart Manuel


Alexander Graf CEO & Founder, Spryker

Alexander Graf


Maarten Stramrood Chief Digital Officer, Brenntag

Maarten Stramrood


Thom Kloet Lead Digital Consultant (SEA/RTB), Dept

Thom Kloet

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