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How to build a future-proof restaurant marketplace


Just Eat and Dept have joined forces for their next-level B2B e-commerce business. Together with Commercetools, we have built their new e-commerce platform for the partners’ services (B2B) department. Dept migrated, built, and designed the recently launched digital restaurant marketplace for their most important partners: the restaurateurs. 

During this talk, we will dive into the Commercetools platform, and take a look at how marketplaces have evolved in 2020 and the outlook after that. Finally, we’ll look into how Takeaway is using the restaurant marketplace as a B2B solution to support the business activities and foster the partnerships through the use of data.

Sarah Wubben, Operations Director at Dept will have an in-depth conversation with Maarten van Beek, Manager Partnerships (B2B) at Takeaway.


Maarten van Beek Manager Partnerships (b2b),


Sarah Wubben Operations Director, Dept

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