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Event on June 19

Simplify your marketing campaigns with AI

Dept Agency

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Artificial Intelligence’? Scary? Complicated? We see it primarily as a smart way to automate and optimize your campaigns. So you have all the time to focus on strategy.

During these Talks, we leave the future for what it is. You’ll discover how intelligence can help you today to make your life as a marketer easier. How it can enable you to listen to your customers even better. But also how AI is the starting point for personalization and creative solutions. And perhaps even more important: where you can start tomorrow.


AI in practice

Willem Blom — Director Data & Intelligence, Dept

How can you deploy useful tools to better reach your clients with content they are looking for? Willem can tell you more. He was closely involved in various campaigns, that made use of innovative automation processes.


Machine learning in practice

Cristian van Nispen — Team lead Insights

Cristian shows you how to use machine learning within your campaigns to achieve your desired target CPA and reach more targeted customers with personalized content. .


No more overkill in offers by recommender system

Job Deibel — Data Scientist, Dept

Creating 1 on 1 communication through a personalised product range? It’s possible with the recommender system. Job gives you a look behind the scenes.


AI and the digital ecosystem

Caspar Heydendael — Marketing Automation Lead, Dept

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