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April 21 - 23, 2021

Performance Week 2021


The ever continuing rise of digital in each step of the customer journey has had increasingly more impact on brand performance – online as well as offline.  At the same time, it is becoming more complex and multi-faceted due to an increase in innovations. So how do you excel at harnessing the power of performance marketing for your brand? How do you perform along all steps and channels of your customer’s journey? Welcome to Performance Week: four days of conversations with the biggest brands of different industries.


20/4 Day 1. FULL FUNNEL

21/4 Day 2. Privacy & Data


23/4 Day 4. FMCG & Performance

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Tuesday 20/4 - Day 1

Full Funnel

A holistic full-funnel marketing approach does not only require a smart mix of channels and formats, it also requires a deep understanding of the customer. That’s why successful marketing cases in our days are often not about that single TV spot or that one ad. Marketeers have learned to engage their customers along the customer journey and create an experience that excites people.
To kick off the Dept Performance Week we decided to talk with two of our clients, who are real experts when it comes to a full-funnel marketing approach and putting the customer first: Canyon and JYSK.


Lena Türk — Team Manager Performance Marketing, Canyon

Lena Türk is Team Manager Performance Marketing at Canyon. She joined the company 3 years ago and built the performance marketing team from scratch. Excelling at digital strategy, performance and leadership she set up a dream team uniting Paid Social, Paid Search, Programmatic Advertising, SEO, E-Mail Marketing, CRM & Automation and Data Analytics competencies.


Marc Anders — Team Lead Paid Media, Dept

Marc Anders is Team Lead Paid Media at Dept Germany. Responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of Digital Marketing campaigns. He has 10 years of experience in Performance and Brand Marketing and is consulting international clients, ranging from B2C to B2B


Kasper Dorby — Head of Digital Marketing, JYSK

Kasper, head of Digital Marketing at JYSK for 3 years. He focuses on accelerating the digital transformation of the company from omnichannel customer experience to media, tech, measurement etc. Kasper has always been circling around digital marketing, e-commerce, retail and leadership.


Sanna Byrd

Sanna Byrd is Lead PPC Consultant at Dept in Copenhagen. She works with Paid Search at a strategic level for her clients, one of them being JYSK. She has experience with several large global clients within e-commerce.


Oliver Brügmann — Managing Director Germany, Dept

Oliver Brügmann is Managing Director of Dept Germany. Having a background within the finance industry, as a consultant as well as founder of a creative agency, he has a broad experience in different industries and how they tackle performance.

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Wednesday 21/4 - Day 2

Privacy & Data

In today’s business world, data is crucial to getting to know your customer, fulfilling their needs and building a sustainable relationship. Privacy is at the core of all data practices, and companies need to integrate it into all operations to cultivate trust. What can we adapt and improve now? How to prepare for the cookieless future? Time to talk about data and privacy.


Felix Meissner — Product Marketing Manager, Facebook

Felix Meissner, a product leader at Facebook with a passion for (social) performance marketing and brand building. Currently leads Business Product Marketing and advertiser growth for the Benelux region. He has experience in working with brands in the sports retail, fashion vertical and gaming vertical. He is an active angel investor in multiple startups and also co-founded an interior design brand that he excited successfully.


Hedwich de Groot — Audience and Measurement Specialist NE, Google

Hedwich de Groot is a true digital strategist. She is good at making the translation from brand positioning to campaign and always on strategies in which the right balance and considerations have to be made to achieve both brand and performance objectives.


Cristian van Nispen — Head of Data & Intelligence, Dept

Cristian, Head of our Data & Intelligence team at Dept. With his data teams, he follows a simple principle: Build, Measure, Learn. At Dept, he increases your conversion through analysing and predicting the behaviour of your audience and always trying to remove assumptions from the equation.

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Thursday 22/4 - Day 3


On Thursday it’s all about discourse! We discuss performance marketing trends managed on OR by marketplaces and how brands can benefit. Our guests from Just Eat and Dayrize will share their experiences and will explain which role Performance Marketing plays within their business set-up.

As a sneak peek, here are some questions that will be discussed during our Performance Roundtable:

  • Marketplace vs. Brand: Which advantages and opportunities do brands have in Performance Marketing, which marketplaces don’t and vice versa and how can they benefit from each other?
  • Inhousing vs. Outsourcing: Which knowledge should a company build inhouse and which tasks should be outsourced to run an effective and efficient Performance Machine?
  • Ressources vs. Automation: How many experts does a company need to generate an outstanding performance and where is automation most effective?

Alexander Karel — Head of Performance Marketing, Just Eat

Alexander is Head of Search Engine Advertising at Just Eat (8 years). He helped the start-up to become a leading global online food delivery marketplace. Besides focusing on Paid Online Marketing, he led several cross functional initiatives to support new Marketing opportunities and managed integration projects for acquired businesses in several countries.


Vincent Hoogduijn — CEO, Dayrize

Vincent co-founded the sustainable consumer marketplace Dayrize, launching in 2021.Vincent believes e-commerce can be used as a powerful tool for protecting the planet and building a sustainable economy by empowering consumers to change their consumption habits, without the need to put in effort that is currently required.


Nils Zündorf — Managing Director, factor-a

Nils is CEO of Factor-A, and has been an e-commerce consultant for 10 years. He specialises in the development and scaling of paid advertising measures, mainly focusing on Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Demand Side Platform.


Lara Müller — Head of Editorial, factor-a

Lara, Operations Director for Factor A has become one of the leading experts in Amazon content optimisation. She knows how brands need to present their products to create successful KPI-frameworks while achieving the best performance for her clients.

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Friday 23/4 - Day 4

FMCG & Performance

New products are launched every day and new labels arise. In the FMCG industry, the choices are endless and the life cycles short. How do you stand out in an ever competitive market and succeed in really connecting with the consumer? And what communication channels should be prioritised in your strategy? Today we’re joined by two major FMCG names and we will talk about brands, products, performance, and creating sustainable and humane relationships.


Lauren Tolond — Marketing Director , Upfield

She is currently the Marketing Director at Upfield for the Dutch market. Upfield is the largest plant-based company pioneering plant-based trends in food. They are agile, creative and obsessed with their customers. She ensures that the brand marketing plans correspond to the business objectives.


Annick De Pelsemaeker — Senior media & Digital manager, NIVEA

Annick, senior media & digital manager for NIVEA in Belgium & has always been passionate about digital and how it can improve our lives. Annick has been part of the Beiersdorf family for over 9 years and has been able to follow all digital transformations from the frontline. Last year she took responsibility within the scope of media.


Babette Reijnen — Media, digital & PR Manager, Beiersdorf

Babette works for the Dutch organization focusing mainly on the NIVEA brand. She is responsible for the paid and owned channels. The past 5 years the NIVEA global and local teams have put more focus on digital marketing; especially in the field of Search and CRM.


Chris Delahunty — Head of Marketing NL, Upfield

Chris is currently Head of Digital NL at Upfield, a leading plant-based food company. He is responsible for creating awareness, growth, and building the Upfield brand protfolio in line with Upfield’s digital transformation agenda. He has worked in marketing for more than 20 years, across fashion, finance, retail, and digital agencies.

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