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September 23

Meet us at AdWeek

AdWeek 2019 New York

Advertising Week’s flagship event is back. Bigger, better and bolder than ever – and Dept will be there. The four-day event is the premier gathering for advertising, brand, design, marketing and technology professionals. Presenting them with endless opportunities to learn, network and liaise with the industry’s brightest minds. With close to 300 scheduled events in the form of seminars and workshops, and 1216 speakers, AdWeek is definitely going to leave you feeling inspired.

On September the 23rd, join us at AdWeek’s NewGen Stage for an exclusive Dept talk about ‘being human’. In an era where technology is rapidly becoming more humanised, what does ‘being human’ actually mean?

10:30 – 11:00

The Keynote Without A Conclusion: Can Technology Make People More Human?

Rens Verweij — Head of Strategy, Dept

Being human is the best thing we can be. Or is it? What does ‘being human’ mean, in an era where technology is rapidly becoming more humanised? What’s human about controlling 400 Whatsapp messages every minute? Or a face-to-face on Google Hangout? Do we, as brands, have an ethical role in helping people to be more human, in every moment of the day? Can technology enable brands to communicate in a more humanised way, or is the interference of (branded) technology the beginning of the end?

Rens and the Dept crew will be available over the course of the event to meet with anyone who’d like to hear more about Dept and our insight on the world of digital. Drop us a message below if you’d like to meet us for a coffee!

Want to meet up? Let us know!


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