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Dept Talks

Reinvent your shopping experience and get the most out of Amazon


Amazon has altered the way we shop. And as a marketer, being able to work your way up in the most innovative and fastest growing online marketplace can feel like rocket science. Coming out on top requires expertise – in product data and content, Amazon advertising as well as in account handling and sales excellence.

During this Dept Talks you’ll hear from experts at Amazon and our sister agency factor-a, renowned for sales acceleration, marketplace technology and branding on Amazon, and currently responsible for managing Europe’s largest Amazon Market Services budget. They’ll show you easy tricks to grow your audience, boost sales and gain sustainable market share on Amazon in both the UK and abroad.



Bart Manuel — Co-Founder , Dept

Welcome and brief introduction to the Amazon Masterclass.


Skyrocket your sales with operational excellence on Amazon

Marc Aufzug — Managing Director , Factor-a (part of Dept)

Amazon is about to become the infrastructure of trade and despite its current omnipresence, it is still day one; we’re at a critical time in the re-invention of shopping. Amazon continues to innovate around etail and retail experience and brands are struggling to stay on top. Marc will tell you how to stay ahead of the game.


SEO and Content Optimisation on Amazon

Lara Müller — Head of Editorial, factor-a

Discover the opportunities of SEO on Amazon: keyword research and content optimisation as the foundation for successful Amazon-business.


Smart Reporting and Analytics

Nils Zündorf — Head of Paid Advertising , factor-a

Find ways to create smart reporting and analytics to drive your business.


Insights into AMS and the APP

Björn Schaele — Agency Lead Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon

Björn from Amazon will teach you all about the secrets of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) to market products cost-effectively.

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