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June 10, 2021

Death of the cookie - navigating the cookieless world


GDPR, ITP and developments such as the latest iOS update, limit the amount of data that you as a marketer have access to. In other words: the cookie is dying. How can our digital marketing continue to perform in this new reality? In this Dept Talks Live, we explore the cookie-free future and show you how to successfully navigate through it. A relevant topic in every industry, so definitely not an event to miss!

The third-party cookie has all but disappeared. In order to still be able to get the most out of your available data and to reach the customer personally, there are various tools and tactics that you can apply in the short term. But for the long term, it is important that your digital marketing strategy adapts. We are becoming more and more dependent on self-identification. In this talk we will cover this and more, such as tips for identifying users on your site, app or digital platform to stimulate registrations and sign-ups.

Three main takeaways:

  • Current status of the post-cookie world
  • Tips, tools and tactics for the short and long term
  • The growing importance of loyalty and identification

Cristian van Nispen — Head of Data & Intelligence, Dept

Cristian, Head of our Data & Intelligence team at Dept. With his data teams, he follows a simple principle: Build, Measure, Learn. At Dept, he increases your conversion through analyzing and predicting the behavior of your audience and always trying to remove assumptions from the equation.


Coen Huijsmans — Digital Strategist, Dept agency

Coen has a passion for digital business, marketing and innovation from a data-driven perspective. He likes to work for clients in the B2B or e-commerce sector, where digital channels are central. That is why he is happy to work at Dept as a digital strategist. Here he helps clients realize a digital experience that contributes to the objectives and puts a smile on the faces of users. He has been able to put his experience into practice with clients such as Gazelle, Etos, GoodHabitz and Plieger.



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