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November 26, 2020

A next-level virtual event, this is how.


For years your colleagues stood side by side at the coffee corner or there were company outings. These micro-social interactions are now almost completely gone. Virtual calls are efficient, but let’s face it, it is difficult to keep your attention. At events it is much worse, you quickly miss the experience and magic of a physical event. And to be honest, they simply get boring.

In this Dept Talks, we will tell you how to fit 3 days into 3 hours making it feel like 3 minutes, a next-level virtual experience that we are all looking for. Full of energy, a little crazy, and above all personal. Dept reimaged the physical experience into a virtual one. By building an interactive, 3D festival map which supported 15 stages across which more than 35 presentations took place.

On Thursday, November 26th, Max Pinas, our Creative Director will energize and educate you with 3 main topics:

  • What type of creativity is needed for a virtual event
  • How to create an interactive & engaging 3D world for the web
  • What considerations you have for technology & security

Max Pinas Creative Director, Dept



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