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News April 30, 2018

Waternet teams up with Dept again for the coming four years


Waternet has once again opted for Dept as a strategic partner to continue working on the digitization of the water company. The organization has been working together with Dept (formerly TamTam) for eight years already.

In 2011, Waternet already launched a new website in collaboration with Dept to strengthen the brand and assist customers in the best possible manner. In close cooperation with the digital agency, Waternet will continue to build on innovation in the coming period as well. Amongst other things, the main goal is to further professionalize the development process and to ensure that 80% of all client communication takes place via digital channels.

Joep Roosen, Managing Director Technology & Design at Dept: “To work with Waternet again is fantastic. From water treatment to boat permits, the company is committed to everyone in Greater Amsterdam and arranges so much more than drinking water alone. This makes it very rewarding to working together on an innovative and future proof digital strategy.”