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CX & Design August 02, 2020

Sitecore releases Sitecore Experience Platform 10


Sitecore has announced the release of Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) 10 and Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) 10. XP 10 is a leading digital experience platform that creates efficiencies for both marketing and IT departments by delivering full container support for rapid deployment, and more efficient team and solution onboarding. XC 10 provides a foundation for commerce teams with robust new product bundling and promotion capabilities.

“Sitecore Experience Platform 10 enables marketing and IT to share the responsibility for customer experience, allowing for more deployment and headless options that create flexibility and choice for users,” said Desta Price, Executive Vice President of Product, Sitecore. “Coupled with Sitecore Experience Commerce 10 and Sitecore Content Hub 3.4, we’re giving brands access to the latest innovations for our industry, integrated into one place to implement digital transformations that deliver value today and establish a foundation for continued growth tomorrow.”

Sitecore Experience Platform 10

Businesses have been innovating at a steady pace over the past few decades and, far from stalling progress, the pandemic has accelerated already existent trends and pushed digital transformation up the priority list. “Among the trends that have been fast-tracked by the crisis, the most obvious is the drift from physical, in-person commerce to a digital-first approach,” shares Paul Thomas, Client Development Director at Dept and Sitecore Strategy MVP. “Personalisation is a key part of the digital customer experience, powered by a flexible technology infrastructure that enables marketers to deliver compelling, relevant experiences. Sitecore has developed XP 10 to meet the needs of both IT and Marketing teams, to eliminate silos and deliver optimum, hyper-personalization to help meet business goals.”

Slow time to market is a huge issue for brands, especially when every second counts and they need to put experiences, offers, and content online fast. One of the key bottlenecks i the “works on my machine” scenario that causes technical delivery to slow. With full container support, XP 10 eliminates that problem with smooth deployment flows between environments through consistency, isolation, and reproducibility.

XP 10 makes collecting, analysing and acting on enhanced customer data faster for marketers, providing even deeper insights for audience segmentation to strengthen personalisation capabilities across channels and grow customer loyalty. 

“With the ability to filter analytics reports by audience segment, marketers can quickly see what content is driving engagement across different segments in order to identify personalization opportunities,” said Kyle Cassidy, Head of UX and Insights, Dept. “The ease and transparency of the data segmentation means that brands can react faster; personalization can now be  implemented in minutes.” 

Other XP 10 updates include:

  • Enhanced data capabilities, coupled with the ability to extend targeting with auto-personalization.
  • Horizon editing interface providing in-context insights across multilingual and multi-site experiences.
  • Updated connector functionality to send current visitor Experience Database® (xDB) information to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time to drive Salesforce marketing automation.

Sitecore Experience Commerce 10 

XC 10 provides brands with the foundation they need to deliver differentiated commerce experiences. The release provides more tools for brands to drive higher average order value and revenue with dynamic product bundling and new promotion capabilities.

“The broad support for Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes in XC 10 improves the ease and speed of deployment and maintenance, “ comments Jonathan Whiteside, Principal Technology Consultant, Dept. “This accelerates time-to-value, increases agility, and provides brands with more control to allocate resources dynamically.”

Both releases follow the recent launch of Sitecore Content Hub 3.4, which offers enhanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) and smarter management of images and video.

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