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Brand, Campaigns & Content December 28, 2016

It's Time to Breakdown Walls


The digital channel’s pulse rate must increase, on the client’s side, and on the agencies’ side. The ideas are abundant, but little is said about actual implementation thereof. I believe in ongoing development, step by step. This inevitably leads to better long-term results.

The development and running of the online channel should go hand in hand. It seems like an open door, but this is not yet the case. After all, as agencies, we also talk about scrum, but then look especially at the establishment of individual projects and devote too little attention to having them in production.

The circle of building, going live, marketing and improving your product or service, should be smaller. Since everything is directed in a project-based manner, this is often at the expense of ongoing development. Scrum improves this to some extent, but the actual integration with marketing, campaigns and insights, really needs to improve to make any difference.


This is also one of the reasons we started Dept. We have extensive in-house knowledge to our disposal and ensure that the most logical team is assembled for our clients. It is all about speed, working integrally, making progress and creating a faster and smarter service together. This is not easy, certainly not for the larger organizations that we work for. After all, where are the responsibilities encompassed? Who does what?

When you ask someone to ensure that your website goes live, the result is different from when you ask someone to run your online business. As a creative, digital industry, we must think harder about the long term. What one then needs, is a serious team in which the various disciplines are closely connected, and where everyone shares the same amount of responsibility. A team in which the team members look further than just their link in the chain. With a product owner that is not just interested in making, but also in running the business. This requires trust from management. The agency must live up to this trust by delivering results that make a difference.

By bringing the platform, hosting, marketing, campaigns and traffic together. It seems more complex, but I see that it does become easier and more efficient, by taking small steps. If you manage to get the pulse rate up together, you learn faster, which is guaranteed to lead to a better product. The market must work this way, but so must we, the agencies.

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