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CX & Design September 18, 2015

Is your Tridion due for an upgrade?


With SDL Web 8 on the horizon, it is again time to think about upgrades. Whether you are looking to move to the latest, greatest version, or just wanting to stay current, upgrading can seem like a big challenge.

Why upgrade?

Much like my previous post, ‘Upgrading to Tridion 2013’,  the reasons for upgrading are numerous. Besides the obvious reasons, like new features and latest technology stacks, there are other subtle reasons to upgrade now:


Staying supported is important, and to stay supported, you need to be on a current version of the platform. This can be supporting a bug in the platform, or simply supporting the internet browsers you use as a company.

Upgrade compatibility

If you leave it too long to upgrade you will drop off the supported upgrade path. Software vendors will only test upgrades from supported versions of their software.


Upgrades are a chance to take stock of what you have and, perhaps, perform some cleanup or housekeeping on your solution. Some companies even use the opportunity as a fresh start, to re-architect their solution.

What to consider?

When approaching an upgrade, there are lots of important factors that should be considered. At Building Blocks, we look at what you have, what you like/dislike, and formulate a plan to achieve a smooth upgrade. Some of the larger items we look at during planning are:


Can your current infrastructure support an upgrade, and does it meet your business’s needs now and in the future?

The Cloud

Is the Cloud the right place for your new environment? Reviewing the pros and cons of Cloud computing.


Everything from internet browser versions used by your content editors, to custom integrations and extensions need to be reviewed to make sure the plan is robust.



The last thing you want is to be mid-upgrade during a major product launch. Timing an upgrade and when it reaches each environment is vital.


Who needs to be involved and when? Who will be affected and when? Who needs to have input into the upgrade?


Cost can never be ignored as in influencing factor in an upgrade. Do you want Building Blocks to run the whole process, or simply formulate the plan and support your in-house team?


Overall, the most important factor in a successful upgrade is planning. An upgrade can be complex and daunting, but with a carefully considered plan and approach, it can be tackled easily and painlessly.

Planning means you’re less likely to forget the small details, like a firewall port, open between server A and server B and you are more likely to consider the impact both internally and externally to your business.

As mentioned in my previous post on upgrading SDL Tridion (soon to be SDL Web) we are experts in both upgrades and migrations and will provide a detailed outline of upgrade steps and future enhancements to get the most out of your software investment.


Dept Design & Technology  have delivered over sixty implementations since 2007 – for some of the world’s largest organizations. In 2015, we were awarded the SDL partner with the ‘Most Implementations’.

We specialize in global implementations and upgrades and have a customized set of services specific to SDL products. In the past year, we have helped our clients improve mobile conversion rates, given them a single view of their customers, and centralized the management of their global, digital touchpoints.

Our large team of SDL-certified developers in Europe and North America have extensive experience of maximizing your SDL software investment.

Questions? We are here to help!


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