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News April 28, 2021

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) partners with Dept


The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) rescues and protects endangered animals, populations and habitats around the world with a variety of projects. To optimize its international digital campaigning, the non-profit organization has entered into a partnership with Dept.

Rutger Lunenburg, IFAW digital marketing officer Europe: “We can achieve greater agility and flexibility by involving an agency in the execution of our digital campaigns. Especially when disaster strikes and a sudden (natural) disaster occurs, this is of great importance for the correct response. Because Dept has multidisciplinary talent in-house and is active in various countries, it is the perfect partner for us. ”

Dept’s specialist knowledge and expertise in digital marketing will enable IFAW to centralize and streamline campaigns while ensuring budgets are fully optimized. Search and social media are core to the IFAW digital marketing strategy, aiming to generate awareness of its projects, through stronger messages and consistency across its local markets. Campaigns will soon be launched across the UK, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

“We are pleased to be digitally supporting the IFAW’s campaigns and projects, said Brian Robinson, Managing Director at Dept UK. “The organization’s commitment to making the planet a better place for all to live really resonates with Dept’s vision of becoming the best digital agency in and for the world. We’ve recently released our first impact report outlining the steps we’re taking, and the more opportunities we have to utilize our craft to help organizations like IFAW achieve their goals, the closer we become to ours.”

Earlier this month Dept became climate neutral certified and announced its quest to gain B Corp certification by the end of 2021.



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