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News May 04, 2018

DIA nominates developer, designer, and client from Dept


Developer Ronan McCormack and Visual Designer Mark Toonen, both employed at Dept, have been nominated for a DIA PRO award. The awards annually praise designers, techies and talents who excel in leadership and craftsmanship. Also, ABN AMRO is in the race for DIA’s Company of the Year Award.

Ronan McCormack, nominated in the category ‘Best in Tech’, was technically responsible for the award-winning, digital cross-media campaign that Dept has developed for the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. With his expertise in the field of React, he also managed to train young developers, distinguishing himself in his role as leader and mentor.

Mark Toonen was nominated in the category ‘Best Talent’ and started working at Dept just two years ago. Toonen had an important role in the development of the Alliance-app, that managed to transform the traditional housing corporation into a digital service provider, putting his mark on the concept and the design of the application.

The collaboration between ABN AMRO and Dept was also rewarded with a nomination for the Company of the Year Award. This award is for the organization that has integrated pioneering digital solutions over the past year and challenged involved agencies to go a step further. The bank and the digital agency have worked closely together on the development of New10, the first online lender in the Netherlands.