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Technology & Engineering December 09, 2015

Build & Deliver Global Digital Experiences with SDL Web


SDL has announced the latest release of SDL Web – an integrated platform which encompasses SDL’s Experience Optimization, Digital Media Management, and Localization capabilities, with the Tridion content management system at its core.

The SDL Web digital experience solution enables organizations to easily build, deploy, and manage multi-brand, multi-language websites at a low total cost of ownership.

SDL Web is ideally designed to improve customer experience for complex businesses. It enables organizations to deliver consistent and relevant engagement across multiple channels, devices, websites, and languages, while personalizing the customer’s experience based on behavioral and transactional data.

Engage & foster brand loyalty

SDL’s CTO, Dennis van der Veeke, says, “The latest release of SDL Web gives organizations the power to easily build sophisticated multi-brand, multilingual websites to drive better outcomes of their digital marketing ecosystem.

As the modern Web environment continues to evolve, SDL Web is enabling organizations to adapt for the future, quickly and easily, while continuing to engage and foster brand loyalty across the globe. SDL Web is sophistication made simple for brands.”

Global control, regional autonomy

Melissa Webster, Program VP, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC, said, “Almost every large enterprise we speak with tells us they need to strike a balance between global control on the one hand – to ensure brand consistency, scale, compliance and time to market – and regional autonomy and innovation on the other hand – to ensure that websites, mobile experiences, and marketing campaigns are localized for maximum relevance and impact. SDL Web is specifically designed to address these needs.”

Functionality enhancements

The latest release of SDL Web features the following enhancements:

  • Instant Site
    Launch a new website, product section, or campaign in a guided manner without IT involvement.
  • Adaptive BluePrinting®
    Easily promote regional content or campaigns to be used globally or share content across lines of businesses for more brand consistency.
  • Unified Authoring and Translation Process
    Accelerate global launches through a content workflow with integrated translation reviews to dramatically reduce turnaround time for multilingual content.
  • State-of-the-Art Microservices
    A modular approach to system deployment provides easy connectivity to critical frontend and backend systems.
  • Topology Manager
    Take the headache out of complex server configurations; IT professionals can now centralize the configuration of Web delivery environments – both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Enhanced Digital Media
    Leverage a new responsive video player or use your own by streaming content through a new JSON API – all with support for YouTube API v3 as well as high compression WebP and JPEG XR formats.

Dept’s SDL expertize

Dept Design & Technology help global organizations solve complex problems using digital technology. Since being founded as a specialist SDL Tridion consultancy in 2007, we have delivered over sixty implementations for some of the world’s largest organizations. In 2015, we were awarded the SDL partner with the ‘Most Implementations’.

We specialize in global implementations and upgrades and have a customized set of services specific to SDL products. In the past year, we have helped our clients improve mobile conversion rates, given them a single view of their customers, and centralized the management of their global, digital touchpoints.

Our large team of SDL-certified developers in Europe and North America have extensive experience of maximizing your SDL Web software investment.

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