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CX & Design May 25, 2016

Adobe Summit: Hot Marketing Stuff

Dept development

The hottest stuff in the field of online Marketing? Without a doubt, I say it’s the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Two weeks ago, the annual Adobe Summit took place, and I was one of the 5000 lucky ones having a ticket for this enormous event.

Since Dept is an AEM specialized Adobe Partner, I mostly joined breakout sessions focused on AEM features. Within this blog post, I’ll focus on some cool stories about how to engage your audience via the Marketing Cloud.

Aston Martin & Audi

Not surprisingly, a lot of premium brands use the Adobe Marketing Cloud to create a great online experience, matching the expectations of the crowd. Aston Martin, known for the Bond cars, created a consistently high-level experience throughout all of their online experiences, which has led to one of the largest fan bases in the world of premium cars.

Audi uses the marketing cloud for virtual reality purposes. In a showroom or on an exhibition people can configure their own car with their preferred options and colors. With a virtual reality device, they can see the preferred car, virtually step into the car and drive. I would definitely try it on an exhibition.


Smart bag

One of the coolest solutions, in my opinion, was a fancy way to integrate the online and offline shopping experience seamlessly. A majority of shoppers search for products online but want to see the products in-store before buying them. In this example, someone browses for a product in an app. She decides to go to the store to buy the product, walks into the store, and grabs a shopping bag in the store.

It looks like a normal bag, but in fact, it’s an available smart bag. The smart bag automatically connects with the app. She likes the product and put it in the smart bag. The app which is connected to the smart bag recognizes it’s placed in the smart bag and automatically the online shopping bag is also updated with the product. Now the lady can buy the product online and walk out of the shop directly without waiting in line in front of the cash desk. Fancy and time-saving.


Ever bought clothes online? Most likely, you had to send back half of the order because it did not fit. Great news! It’s now possible to put on your camera and the your you will be measured directly. This smart solutions will not only show you fitting clothes but also recommend products based on your style preferences. Shopping made easy I would say.


That were some interesting insights of the possibilities to enrich the customer experience using the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Isn’t there anything missing in this Cloud? Hmmm, managing user-generated content maybe? Well, there is big news! Adobe purchased Liferay the day before the summit. Liferay is the most advanced user-generated content management tool available and will be integrated in the Adobe Experience Manager. Cool, something new for our AEM experts to dive into!

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