QA engineering

Confidently ship your product updates with a dedicated QA engineering team. 

While the entire development team is responsible for your product’s quality, dedicated QA engineers champion that cause. Our team of QA engineers works alongside your product team to identify tests and how they should be accomplished – manually, automated, or a combination of the two. 

Why our QA engineering services

DEPT® QA is composed of engineers experienced in manual and automated testing who integrate with your team and collaborate across all functions in the SDLC. They ensure your product meets business and customer needs.

We provide support on practical testing activities, guidance on tools and best practices, and strategies for building a QA discipline from the ground up. 

We can help your team create a comprehensive QA strategy that integrates with your software lifecycle. Our QA engineers can also help you create and execute a variety of test plans including 

– Manual test scripts
– Integration tests
– User acceptance tests
– Exploratory testing

We love to be creative and break your app. Together we can ship better products with less risk and more confidence. 

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