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Delivery Enablement

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As organizations mature, digital becomes central to the business. At this stage of maturity, businesses look to take ownership of their own digital delivery function. However, to create a digital delivery capacity within your own organization can be challenging.


We help you through all phases of setting up your own internal delivery capability. From support in defining and finding the right people, to embedding specialists in your team to ensure best practice through to working with the business to understand agile ways of working.


Enabling an organization to own their own delivery capability is much more than just a technical challenge. Often, internal development teams fail because they are inserted into an organization’s existing way of working, hierarchy, and governance.

Dept can work with you to identify all areas of your business that may need to change to ensure internal delivery is a success. This may even result in the creation of Innovation Labs or Corporate Start-Up business units that sit outside the main organization and focus on rapid delivery.