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Visual Design


At Dept we have witnessed the change of visual design. We’ve seen stuff become a huge success that, at that time, might have sounded out of this world. That is our strength: to be bold in thinking ahead, while simultaneously staying in touch with the here and now. This results in friendly, future proof designs, serving both the user and the client.

Visual communication

First impressions count, big time. So, when you are considering switching up your style, better make sure to do it right. It only takes us about 50 milliseconds before we have made our first judgments on a product. Meaning visual design is the most important first impression we have, whether the product is a bag of crisps or a website.

Visual design influences opinions on a product and is an important means of communication. Design can even influence our decision making. Consider, do you usually think a company is more credible when it has a visually attractive website and amazing user experience? You are not the only one. So, we work to create designs which ensure that your target audience reacts positively towards your brand.

Our Dept process

Overlapping with user experience design, visual design is about engagement and guidance. That is why we start any visual refresh by analyzing your goals, strategy and target audience. This is always followed by a lot of brainstorming, drafts, testing, and optimization to make sure we are all on the same page. Because let’s be honest: initially thinking something is great doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best solution for you.

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