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As digital platforms and products have become core to business operations, there has been a shift from project-based implementations and a continuous evolution of solutions and applications.

DevOps brings business, development QA and operation teams together to get more done. This is achieved by streamlining and automating processes which improve reliability, reduce risks and accelerate development and deployment cycles.


Our first step is to automate the “path to production”. This allows code changes to flow from development and test, all the way through to production environments in an automated and reliable way.

We then add tools to facilitate automated tests, giving confidence that the code is thoroughly tested each and every time. By eliminating manual checks, we reduce the risk of human error and provide a faster, repeatable and more scalable deployment process. This allows the team to focus on creating valuable features and enhancement rather than focusing on the release process.


From private cloud setups to large auto-scaling infrastructure on public cloud deployments, we have the experience to engineer scalable infrastructure solutions using the latest cloud-based technologies.

We also have experience implementing orchestration solutions to manage the configuration and automate the provision of large cloud infrastructures quickly and reliably.

We’ve implemented solutions with automatic failovers and elastic growth based on demand, including the use of containers such as Docker.

We are accredited partners of:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • Google Cloud

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