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DEPT Amsterdam

Crunching data – to some people this may seem intimidating but for us, it’s second nature. Day in and day out, we translate vast amounts of data into useful insights. Gaining key insights means we can develop a strategy that sets you up to achieve your marketing objectives, make you easier to find, and drive your results through the roof.

Data analytics

Understanding the behavior of your current and potential customers is critical to successful businesses. To optimize the creations of personal marketing campaigns, we use web analytics to show how users arrived at your website and how they use it. Data supports better decision making, but only if you understand what the data actually means. Using our user-friendly dashboards will simplify how you view and manage all data.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) methods identify possible obstacles to conversion. We can analyze how users arrived at your site, how they used it and why they left. Enabling us to enhance user experience so your online marketing campaign yields better results.

Marketing Automation

If a visitor has shown interest but hasn’t become a customer yet, we have a solution for it. Marketing automation makes it easier to find and retain customers, providing them with personalized content at the right moment. This keeps your existing customers loyal and helps reel in new prospects.

Our Dept process

We are big fans of data. We focus our energy on deep analysis of any current data for continued optimization with innovative technology to ensure you surpass your competitors.

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