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We are passionate about building efficient technology solutions that deliver real business value. Our developers work as part of cross-functional teams to identify where new technologies and techniques can be best implemented. We aim for seamless digital experiences that combine creativity, technology and data.

Our expertise

We actively work with a range of server-side technologies including .Net, Java, and NodeJS. We have particular expertise in implementing global content management and customer experience platforms. We are a leading partner with technology providers including SDL Tridion Sites, Bloomreach, Sitecore, dotCMS, commercetools and more.

We have a broad range of expertise including:

Systems Integration

Your digital ecosystem is made up of a range of technologies which need to work together seamlessly. We have years of experience integrating all these technologies, promoting micro-service based API architectures that maximize the flexibility of the data and the opportunity for re-use across multiple channels.

Headless CMS

A headless, API-based CMS architecture enables you to distribute personalized content to any channel within your digital marketing infrastructure. Teamed with cloud hosting, a headless CMS can provide scalability for organizations seeking a solution that can grow to meet the demands of their business.

Coupled CMS

A coupled CMS has been the standard approach to content management for many years. A coupled CMS tightly links the back-end to the front-end, with the design and customization applications stored within the back end architecture.  Content is created and delivered to devices via the back end database.

Digital Infrastructure

Having a flexible, scalable and automated digital infrastructure is key foundation for all digital transformation projects. Dept works with your business to develop a technology roadmap that aligns with your company’s strategic goals, before implementing an infrastructure that can support your organization for the long term.

User Experience Development

Dept uses Javascript based frameworks such as ReactJS and Angular to create “Single Page Application” lightweight client interfaces. This allows us to launch and rollout new experiences faster by reusing existing APIs and data endpoints.

Quality Assurance

As the pace of new releases increases, we ensure the quality of your experiences is not compromised. We have put in place robust testing strategies, and our QA analysts are experts in accessibility, device and functional testing. We also implement automated testing mechanisms to make the processes even more automated and scalable.

Security & Scalability

From static code analysis to GDPR assessments, OWASP, and penetration testing, we approach security as a fundamental component at all stages of our development lifecycle. We take extensive measures to apply security controls across all areas of our solutions.

Our Dept process

When developing something, we make sure that it actually works and fulfills your organizational needs. Digital solutions should feel as natural as possible for the user. Development is the last connection in the creative process. It is only when a project reaches this stage that it truly comes to life.

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