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A winning e-commerce strategy is about the 360° customer journey. You need to know where, when and why to sell. Our team of e-commerce strategists places the customer center-stage and brings digital technology to every touchpoint.

The new customer

Watch any movie from the early nineties and you’ll notice one thing instantly: no smartphones. At the time, no one dreamed of all of the current possible ways customers could one day make purchases. Or that mobile and wearable tech would soon allow us to shop on screens of every size and what about voice shopping with Google Home or Amazon Echo? The new customer is demanding and fluid.

Flawless user experience

The future of e-commerce is about being everywhere at all times. Because that’s how people are shopping: fragmented, hopping from device-to-device, and channel-to-channel. The key to generating recurring sales is to create a seamless customer journey where every touchpoint and user experience is flawless. Buying should be a process where the user interacts with the brand. But that’s often easier said than done.

Our Dept process

From UX design to online checkout to loyalty programs to fulfillment and returns: a winning e-commerce strategy is about the 360° customer journey. Knowing where, at what moment and why to sell is vital. Our team will use customer data to grow faster and more efficiently. That is why our team of e-commerce strategists has a ‘customer-first’ mindset and brings digital technology to every touchpoint. We’ll help you access markets faster and in a smarter fashion whilst integrating with platforms like Amazon and eBay, and get more from your wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

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