Salesforce’s world-leading solutions are used by over 150,000 organizations who are unifying their digital touchpoints into a single view of every customer. 


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Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps build better customer experiences and crush conversion rates. Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivers personalised customer journeys, powered by its intelligent, multi-channel marketing platform. As a Gold Salesforce partner, Dept supports leading brands with their Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud strategy, implementation and execution.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers customers a uniform experience throughout their entire journey. This creates a personalized experience for consumers resulting in more relevance and sales and higher customer satisfaction. Producers or brands that want to sell directly to consumers (D2C) will find Commerce Cloud to be a practical solution which allows them to create a complete platform. Here are a few examples of the program’s functionalities:

Limitless accessibility

The product range, promotions, customer service and orders placed can be consulted from every channel: web, social, mobile, shop and e-mail.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the perfect solution to grow your brand awareness and revenue. B2C marketers can use this aspect to efficiently create campaigns and build customer relationships This way you can integrate media purchasing with customer data and personalise engagement across all channels. Making customer communication one-on-one more relevant and valuable.

Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is specifically for B2B marketing automation. Companies with long sales funnels can use this tool as a practical solution for both lead gen and marketing.

Salesforce Order Management

Salesforce Order Management is especially useful for big international e-commerce companies. It offers a way to ensure customers’ orders are processed correctly, fulfilled in a timely manner, and that returns can be handled with flexibility and ease.

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