The Magnolia Platform allows marketing and IT teams to deliver and manage multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experiences.

Magnolia provides an open and flexible Java-based CMS.

The mobile-inspired customizable HTML5 user interface of Magnolia CMS, coupled with features like favorites, notification streams and multi-site management, makes managing content on a global scale a breeze. Magnolia CMS was built with both Marketers and IT professionals in mind.

Meanwhile, Magnolia’s modular architecture, Command Line Interface (CLI) and support for agile development practices enables cross functional teams to work at speed, delivering new sites and digital experiences in a matter of weeks; shortening an organizations time-to-market and providing the ability to react to the demands of the marketplace.

Key features

Content editor experience

Magnolia have invested a lot of time in improving the author experience, features such as favorites and notifications make it easy for content editors to author, edit and deploy content.

Development tools

Tools such as Magnolia’s Command Line Interface (CLI) makes it easy for developers to create development environments in a matter of minutes, allowing development teams to start building sooner.


With Magnolia you can easily integrate third-party services through API’s to meet enterprise requirements cleanly.


Magnolia CMS allows you to take control of your content creation process and instill governance measures through content previews and flexible workflows.

Dept & Magnolia

Dept is currently one of the leading Magnolia partners in Europe and a top 3 Magnolia partner in the Netherlands. We’ve invested significantly in the formation and composition of Magnolia CMS development teams in recent years. You can count on Dept to deliver an effective and efficient Magnolia implementation that delivers success for your business.

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Ashley Streb

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