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Three key MarTech solutions to help your brand stay ahead

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Willem Blom
Willem Blom
Global SVP of Performance, Media & Data
5 min read
28 November 2022

In an ever-changing world, creating meaningful interactions makes all the difference for brands.

Whether it’s removing friction from the customer journey, increasing the value proposition, or improving the ROI on marketing spend, a key ingredient in all these activities is the activation of quality customer data. By creating a real-time, 360°customer view, a 1-on-1 marketing approach at scale becomes possible. 

However, getting there is a multifaceted challenge. To succeed, brands and businesses need the best technology for media, marketplaces, search, storytelling, and creatives, all while respecting data and privacy.  But building an ideal MarTech stack that suits the current and future needs of your business can be challenging, especially during financial uncertainty when every dollar you spend is under a microscope.

At DEPT®, we believe technology is the key to successful, data-led marketing. At the same time, we know this is challenging to get right. With an average organization using over ninety Martech tools, it’s unsurprising that 83% of organizations do not connect consumer touch points and 68% of organizations lack automation.

Here are three MarTech solutions that can help you bridge that gap, maximize your technology investments, improve your marketing ROI and create a more frictionless customer experience.

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Customer data platform

A customer data platform brings together all of the information you’ve gathered about your customers into one database.

This means all first, second, and third-party data, including things like age, historic behavior, and browsing activity. A CDP makes data that was only accessible to one department (like your Customer Service representatives), accessible to all (like your Digital Marketing team). 

It’s a treasure trove of information that only grows more complex and useful as you utilize it in your daily business dealings. It provides you with customer profiles that are invaluable to performing well in the digital world.

Your CDP should provide a user-friendly interface helping your company to use your data. No matter if you’re looking to analyze customer behavior, increase conversion or generate reports to inform business decisions, a well-structured and mature CDP will assist you in all of these endeavors and more. 

And it’s not just your organization that’ll benefit from your CDP. Your clients will too, with better-targeted marketing campaigns that listen to and meet their needs, quicker processing, or even just not having to repeat their address to three different departments when dealing with your company.

For example, a luxury gifting company wanted to be able to predict the behavior of its customers and turned to DEPT® to build its customer data platform. We used machine learning to predict conversion intent by matching real-time browsing behavior to historical conversion patterns, resulting in much more efficient retargeting by honing in on audiences based on their expected probability to convert.

This approach saved 40% of the brand’s remarketing ad spend without reducing conversions. 

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is an integrated ad technology platform that enables advertisers to effectively manage, measure, and grow high-impact digital marketing campaigns. GMP integrates world-class solutions to help buyers run holistic campaigns across all media channels. The products within Google Marketing Platform all seamlessly integrate so that you can plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.

The GMP suite of solutions can handle everything from automated campaign management to intelligent non-last click attribution models, video, display, and mobile campaign management in one place to data visualization. It can help you work smarter and your budget work harder.

For example, we implemented Salesforce and Google Marketing Platform for a luxury body care brand. By doing so, we centralized all their first-party data and built an in-house machine-learning platform, giving them insight into the data needed to increase their international reach efficiently. By switching to more audience-based communications, the retailer’s CPA was reduced by 15%, while sales increased by 85%.

Ada by DEPT®

Ada by DEPT® is our proprietary marketing technology platform, designed for brands to build and accelerate their digital businesses. With 50+ point solutions available for every key marketing activity, Ada helps you automate digital marketing at scale, and mitigates the loss of data in a more privacy-driven digital world. 

Ada is a central platform that functions as a hub for DEPT® tooling, solutions and trusted third-party partners. Through managed services, Ada works like a multitool, providing the right solution for the job. Media & advertising, SEO & content, marketplaces, data & insights, Creative Automation, financials & admin, and access to third-party martech partners can all be managed via this single platform. 

The British marketplace Dayrize wanted to create awareness at scale for sustainable alternatives. To do this successfully, Dayrize needs web traffic that is affordable, qualitative, and scalable.

Using Ada, DEPT® realized a flexible, data-driven website structure in just a few days through the creative use of data and machine learning. At the heart of the solution was automated keyword research at scale. We retrieved 38 million data points (keywords and search volumes) and processed these with Google’s BERT algorithm, supplemented with our own algorithm. This saved Dayrize about 90% of the manual work in just a few days. 

Review, react, refne

Now is the perfect time to look at your MarTech investments more carefully, scrutinize what you already have, and find out what you’ll need in the future. With our agnostic approach and pragmatic view of the global market, we have supported brands in developing the ideal MarTech stack to help them thrive.

Contact us today to learn more about our third-party partnerships and our proprietary technology!

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