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Salesforce Health Check and Discovery

Nick Broekema
Nick Broekema
Global Salesforce Partnership Lead
2 min read
3 November 2022

It’s wise to make sure you use your technology to its full potential and optimize your tools to meet your objectives, whether you’re preparing budgets for next year or are considering a strategy change. Here’s where our Discovery and Health Check comes in.

As a Salesforce Strategic Growth partner with 300+ implementations under our belt, we know all the best practices to help you achieve your business goals. Our Discovery and Health Check entail Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud, as well as the Core platform (Sales/Service/OMS), depending on your needs and stage in the technology integration journey. Are you, for instance…

…exploring Salesforce solutions?

We’ll unravel the possibilities and challenges of implementing Salesforce in your organization so you can make a well-informed decision on how to take your business to the next level.

…already using the Salesforce platform?

We’ll check if your Salesforce set-up is used to its full potential and if there are gaps that can be filled to match your business objectives.

In all cases, we’ll work together with your team to ensure we can provide you with recommendations suited for your organization. Depending on your requests, the Discovery and Health Check will take between two to seven days. We’ll conduct interviews with key stakeholders, review your current architecture and analyze the provided data. After that, we’ll present an action plan and road map to help you get the best ROI from the Salesforce platform for your specific business.

Check which Discovery and Health Check options we offer.

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Global Salesforce Partnership Lead

Nick Broekema

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