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From our Depsters November 15, 2019

Symposium Orlando 2019


An exciting three-day Sitecore Symposium event at Disney World Orlando brought together over 3,800 participants from all over the world. Dept was the designated Gold sponsor for the event with representatives from both UK and US offices flying our respective flags.

The overarching theme was, ‘human connections in a digital world’ and how businesses can better serve their customers with personalized and contextual content. A barrier in providing these personalized experiences is required content. Fortunately, Sitecore equips brands with functionality to solve the content crisis with its content hub, as well as introducing new processes to evolve agency and brand relationships.

As the 2019 Sitecore Experience Award-winning agency, Dept delivers innovation that connects brands with their customers to increase engagement and develop lifelong consumers.

To nurture a lasting relationship with end-users, brands can take advantage of the enhanced usability within the platform and leverage technology in a way that drives memorable touchpoints. Digital experiences drive results and by creating a simplified, yet unique user journey everyone feels like a preferred customer. 

The connection between content and customer behavior was the overriding theme at the Symposium. It’s imperative to understand customers in order to provide predictive, contextual personalization. But before brands can start to build great customer experiences, they need to generate a user’s data profile. 

Sitecore technology enables brands to better listen to their customers, react in real-time and track and measure outcomes. At the conference, Sitecore shed light on the latest features in the content hub latest version 3.3. The new integrations provide leading third-party solutions, including a new marketing and campaign automation connector, which makes it easier for users to create unmatched experiences throughout the customer journey. In addition, Sitecore content hub now provides enhanced reporting tools that allow marketers to easily analyze where content is used across channels in Sitecore XP; empowering brands to make more informed decisions on future campaigns.

With the ability to generate insights and personalized interactions across channels, in real-time, and at scale, personalization is the overarching benefit of Sitecore. It is a key contributor to the platform becoming the software of choice for many of the world’s leading organizations. Sitecore is immensely powerful, and all elements work together to enhance the outcome and now with the content hub, there are real opportunities to provide these experiences via a single platform. 

Sitecore also unveiled its SaaS vision and Sitecore AI with a proposed timeline and several product enhancements to support the path.“Enabling brands to deliver customer experiences as quickly and efficiently as possible is paramount in this digital age,” said Mark Frost, CEO of Sitecore. “We are reinventing the standard with a modern SaaS platform where brands can realize time-to-value much faster and easily drive the digital transformations needed to stay relevant through an easy to use, configurable, and extensible platform.”

Sitecore AI amplifies the power of Sitecore XP to deliver individualized, contextual experiences. It can analyze a customer’s behavior to understand their interests and intent, enabling marketers to learn about where each person is in their journey, without the guesswork. It can then determine the best content for each customer, while continuously optimizing their experience, nurturing them toward conversion.

Sitecore AI will enable auto personalization at scale. Every business generates a lot of data. Not every business is using it. As a digital agency, Dept collaborates with brands to unlock opportunity with data. Data feeds AI, AI loves data, and Dept equips brands to become their own experience architects to control their customer experiences. 

In addition to the talks, knowledge-sharing, and Sitecore-focused seminars, industry networking played a big part in the Symposium. Universal Studios hosts a massive party! There were also a lot of smaller parties Magic Johnson chest-bumping, bagpipe appreciation ceremonies and lots of engaged Sitecore attendees to form a great community.

Next year is in Chicago – See you all there.

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