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From our Depsters February 19, 2018

Our Thoughts on Digital #6


We filtered these articles from the jungle of information on the internet to keep you one step ahead of the latest social and tech news. Enjoy!

What Game of Thrones can teach you about developing your organization: In light of the patience and painstaking detail that GoT has taken in creating its pop culture phenomenon, development organizations can learn a great deal by taking a page out of the GoT playbook (and no, it’s not murdering the competition).

As promised, Facebook traffic to news publishers declines again, post news-feed change: Just a month after Facebook said it’d show less news in its news feed, news publishers are already feeling the brunt, multiple data sources show.

Instagram gives brands new ways to sell in ‘Collection’ ads: Instagram is offering brands a new shopping-enabled ad unit as it moves further into the e-commerce space.

Google is building Bulletin, a hyperlocal community news service: It lets anyone publish a news story just by blogging and sharing images and video straight from their phone through the platform’s mobile app — without the need to create an outlet of their own.

KFC handed out chicken-scented scratch-and-sniff cards for Valentine’s Day: The chain also partnered with mobile app Tenor for GIFs featuring the brand’s mascot Colonel Sanders alongside buckets of chicken with love-themed messages.


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