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From our Depsters May 07, 2018

Let down by your SDL partner agency?


We know how it goes…you meet an agency that promises you the world during the pitch process, but then lets you down once the project gets going. Projects are plagued with technical set-backs, deadlines are missed and budgets are burnt. And what do you get at the end of it? A solution that doesn’t work and a CEO raging at the financial loss.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry; Dept excels at SDL project recovery and has helped many clients get their digital projects back on track to be delivered on time and on budget.

Digital projects can go wrong for a range of reasons; lack of process, insufficient specifications and technical complexity can all derail projects, costing you time and money. Perhaps your internal team lacks the capabilities needed to see the project through to fruition, or maybe your selected SDL partner agency simply isn’t up to the job.  Either way, we can help.

Our team of highly experienced consultants and project managers will review your project, re-specify the deliverables where needed, and set new, achievable deadlines.

Our Experience Design team are on hand to fix any UX issues or design failings, whilst our SDL technical team will architect, fix and build your back-end solution. Our dedicated QA team will ensure that risk is mitigated with rigorous testing, and our Digital Operations Services team can help you run your digital touchpoints long after we get your project back on track and live.

With the support of these teams, plus a dedicated Account Manager to keep you informed at all times, we can bring your projects back from the brink.

Our tried and tested process has helped many US enterprises when they’ve been let down.

Contact us today and we’ll get your project back on track

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