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From traditional to headless: selecting the right CMS for your business

The most complete guide to CMS selection in 2020


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Customers today are demanding even more out of their digital experiences. To match these expectations, your website has to go beyond the online brochure. In the digital age, a business’s website is the foundation for creating a personalized customer experience. It forms the backbone of your operations. That makes a CMS more than just a tool to organize your website.

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Content management is part of a larger digital landscape. Recognizing customers on their journey, fulfilling their needs and addressing their intents, personalizing content and offers on different channels; this all calls for additional features that need to be integrated into your CMS. After all, touchpoints, devices, channels and modalities change and increase. Content is thriving, so that calls for a CMS that’s agile, flexible and scalable. Ultimately, over the past years CMSs slowly but surely started to mature and move towards a multi-digital experience, resulting in the rise of Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). This makes the solution landscape even more crowded, but also more likely to provide an option that is suitable for your specific company needs. In the process of selecting how you’d prefer to manage content, you’ll discover which solution, be it a CMS or DXP, matches your needs and ambitions.

This whitepaper is here to help you find a CMS that will fit your unique needs and specific business goals. It gives you a grip on the vast and complicated market for CMS solutions and breaks down the complete selection process from beginning to end. With strategic considerations, insights from field specialists and hands-on best practices, you’ll find everything in this whitepaper to kick-start your CMS selection. While most subjects are addressed in enough detail to understand and judge the relative merits, please note that there’s, even more, to tell on each subject. Whenever you feel the need for more in-depth information or personal advice, feel free to contact us.

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