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Branded commerce - your next step in e-commerce evolution


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Traditionally, branding used to be the domain of emotions, identity and mass media. Commerce was focused on rationality, transactions and used direct marketing. This all changed when technology and data stepped into the scene. Today, branding and commerce go hand in hand. Each touchpoint with the customer counts as both a chance to brand and to sell. But what does branded commerce entail?

32 pages
3 steps to success

Your organization, data, and technology are your company’s pillars to become customer-centric and build branded commerce. Use data to understand the customer, your organization to design better online shopping experiences and the right technology to deliver. Improving the customer experience by maturing digitally should be part of your daily goal. Because only then can you stay relevant today and in the future.

This whitepaper gives you a full outline of branded commerce: the definition and evolution, the technical aspects, an approach to transform into a customer-centric organization, strategic boardroom arguments for convincing the management and a lot of inspirational examples of success stories. You will understand the current state of e-commerce and learn how to guide your organization to this next level. Are you ready to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy?