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7 Key Digital Drivers of the Travel & Leisure Industry


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In recent years, there’s been remarkable breakthroughs in technology enabling exciting advancements in the way travel and leisure operators conduct business and attract new consumers. More people are travelling than ever before, encouraged by personalized and experience-led ways.

28 pages
7 trends

It’s been a period of discovery and operators are finding that the strategies that worked in the past, don’t work now. 

Dept teamed up with Sitecore to review the current digital state of the travel, leisure and hospitality industry. This report highlights examples of best practice from brand leaders, and outlines tips for brands to stay competitive in today’s digital reality. 

Download your free copy now to learn about:

  • Creating bi-directional engagements via social media
  • Optimizing personalization strategies
  • Increasing revenue from ancillary sales and post-purchases
  • Propelling bookings on mobile devices
  • Reducing online shopping basket abandonment
  • Segmenting communication by consumer type