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Latest Advancements in the world of Fashion Commerce


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New York City 5th Avenue is to shopping what Broadway is to theatre. Companies such as Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany & Co, and Louis Vuitton used to line the streets and occupy some of New York City’s most prized real estate. Lately, however, the avenue’s glittery displays have been changing more rapidly as retailers come and go. Tourism has slowed down while online shopping has sped up making it harder for companies to justify empty spaces and sky-high rent. Though luxury brands are facing less pressure when it comes to e-commerce as their clientele is more niche, they still cannot survive without a digital strategy as consumers are taking charge. They are doing the research themselves and are a contributing factor in the direction that fashion brands are taking.

Customers make their voices heard among a multitude of opinions on social media channels, where the influencer’s voice is the loudest, and together, they influence brands. This is why buying fashion at a distance has taken an important place in commerce. Today’s modern consumer is sitting in the driver’s seat. People are no longer buying whatever is on display in the shop window.

Digital is one of the most important drivers in the transformation of the fashion industry. Download the longread to find out how to give consumers one integrated experience, powered by rapid innovation and convenience, resulting in brand preference.