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How Klarna is revolutionizing online retail


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Retail is undergoing a major transformation, driven by consumers expecting more transparent and flexible payment options. Klarna has entered the buying market at the right time, catering to the change in buying behavior and unleashing new opportunities for brands to evolve their online service offering.

Millennials and Gen Zs are increasingly turning to quick and easy ways to borrow money through instant financing. As credit cards dwindle in popularity, Klarna launched with eye-catching pink bus ads and pop-up events featuring social media influencers and puppy grooming; taking the e-commerce industry by storm.

Klarna is the bloc’s most valuable financial technology start-up to date. It’s ‘buy now pay later’ model is rapidly popping up as an online payment option and is already available on 130,000 retailers across Europe and in the US. In the UK alone, there are 4,000 brands utilizing the service, including ASOS, Toms, H&M, Nike, and Boohoo.

This longread explains the win-win situation; why consumers love using Klarna and benefit Klarna bank provides its merchants. It details the process of implementing Klarna in a live marketplace and relays tips to get the most out of the technology.


Download our longread to uncover how leading UK beauty retailer Fragrance Direct activated Klarna across their merchandising platform using Salesforce Commerce Cloud.