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Building your Digital Brand


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The reason digitalization is such a hot topic right now is because you can’t escape it. Digitalization, one of the first revolutions in business history, is the new reality. It has shifted many daily processes into a virtual arena. Your pool of potential customers just got much bigger. It’s not only targeting the people within a 5km radius of your business, it’s about reaching people worldwide. Moreover, you’re not alone in this. Every brand is trying to reach foreign markets. So, in this competitive and huge market, how do you stand out?

From telling stories that stick, to knowing your best assets and being familiar with the battlefield, it all boils down proper branding techniques. Find what makes you unique, embrace that point and reflect that back in your logo, your brand accessories, and even your sound identity if needed (an aspect that is often forgotten about). All of these elements must align. Also, you can’t just send the same message to everyone anymore. You need to refine your technique and target niche groups to activate the consumer.

You can read more about each of the above-mentioned points by downloading our longread. There’s not one magic formula but you can mix and match to create your own.