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Accelerating Manufacturing: Top 3 Digital Trends for 2021


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In January 2020, the global manufacturing sector expanded at its fastest pace in nine months. Business optimism was at its highest level in more than a year. By May, the world had become a very different place.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused turmoil across the sector, with operations being shut down across the globe. Manufacturers are at a continued risk of disruption, with ongoing volatility in costs, policies, and the impacts of the pandemic. Amid the uncertainty, however, rather than halting progress, the crisis has in many ways expedited it. Especially with the digital transformation of businesses around the globe. It makes sense. The key tenets of a future-ready business – agility, resilience, and innovation – can all be helped by investment in digital solutions. With the pressure on to streamline operations, reduce costs and maximize revenue, digital transformation has become an imperative.

With 2021 signaling a new start and hopefully a period of business recovery, what will be the three key digital trends your manufacturing business should explore? We’ve looked at business models, operations, and marketing to predict what’s next for the sector:

  • Business Models: Investment in Direct-to-Consumer
  • Operations: Wider Adoption of AI
  • Marketing: B2B Personalisation

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