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SDL Tridion Sites Upgrade and Website Redesign


CIPD is the professional body for Human Resources and people development. For over 100 years, it’s been setting professional standards to champion better work and working lives. With hubs in Asia, the Middle East, UK and Ireland, supports over 150,000 members around the world.


CIPD sought a partner to re-design its existing site and selected Dept to develop a mobile-responsive website on the SDL Tridion Sites platform, with improved search functionality and information architecture.

Following a large branding exercise, the CIPD knew that it needed a design that was cleaner and more user-centric, to highlight the key messages that it wished to deliver. It also needed to improve the overall customer experience. Continuous improvement was a key factor, so the solution needed to include flexible templates and navigation to enable the site to be scalable and adaptable in the future.



Dept delivered the UX and design, front- and back-end development, analytics support and Digital Operations Services. The implementation included SDL DXA 1.3,  in addition to a custom MVC .net app for managing their redirects, PoolParty, Telligent and SSO integration, and a custom re-write model. And strategically, we needed the website to focus on the organization’s core objectives of:

  • Developing and communicating the CIPD voice to reach out to influencers in the world of work.
  • Positioning CIPD’s knowledge capital to attract new customers.
  • Building a peer-to-peer trust relationship that is community orientated, rather than a ‘top down’ approach.
  • Understanding and addressing the needs of different audience segments.

SDL Tridion Sites/Web 8

The CIPD had previously implemented SDL’s Tridion content management system back in 2008, and this latest project included the implementation of SDL Web 8, which combines Tridion with digital media management (SDL Media Manager), targeting, testing, personalization and localization capabilities.

CIPD’s decision to select Tridion/Web 8 as its CMS, was based on a number of its core capabilities:

  • Personalization: the ability to deliver different types of content depending on audience segmentation and user behavior.
  • Integration: capability to integrate and leverage existing systems such as eCommerce, Telligent community server, Autonomy search and the CIPD’s back-end systems.
    Multichannel and syndications: facility to offer single source of content to a number of different environments such as mobile and RSS.
  • Workflow: ability to implement a workflow and review process for content ahead of publication.
  • Single architecture: a single CMS implementation supporting multiple websites. In addition, SDL Tridion Sites provides scalability, availability and reliability. As the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest organizations, the CIPD were reassured that the product would continue to undergo continuous improvement in the years to come.


To ensure the CIPD’s digital touch points fully support the core goals of the business, the CIPD has a central web governance team that manages all digital requests from across the business, and assesses the validity and strategic reasoning of implementing the suggestions. The group also offers training and support to employees who update the content.

The new site received excellent comments during both user testing and once live. Moreover, this project is the start of a program of continuous optimization and improvement work. Further enhancements are planned for the People Management section of the site, and the CIPD is looking to launch in additional countries.